Product Category: Paving Systems

Intelligent Compaction Rollers

Our system kits include a temperature and stiffness sensor for HMA and soil jobs making the C-63 fully compliant with the definition of “Intelligent Compaction” as set forth by the US Federal Highway Administration. Combining the new sensor packages with the pass count tracking capability, compaction has become more efficient than ever. At the same […]

Milling 3D

Topcon’s Millimeter GPS System is the World’s First GPS based millimeter accurate control for milling machines. Topcon’s revolutionary Lazer Zone™ technology based, Millimeter GPS uses GPS positioning together with a zone laser reference to give you unparalleled freedom and productivity. Topcon’s Millimeter GPS Milling has the simplicity of a laser, accuracy of a robotic total station, and multiple […]

Milling 2D

The industry-standard for elevation and slope control for asphalt milling patented Sonic Averaging System (SAS) provides smoother results offsets allow for any chosen mill depth durable components, time-tested system delivers ultimate reliability. Features & Benefits: The industry-standard for asphalt milling Track existing surface or string line Adjustable Mill depths Durable, time-tested components Plug and Play […]

Paving 3D

Step up from 2D control that relies on benching in stringlines for every lane of asphalt, into GNSS control, where you can go to any location on the site and start paving. Get superior control with greater speed and flexibility at the same time. Features & Benefits: Uses standard Topcon 3D-MC software Swap components between […]

Paving 2D

P-32 Over a decade ago Topcon’s System Five set the standard for 2D Paving.  Now Topcon is proud to offer its newest 2D paving system: P-32. The proven Sonic Tracker and Cross Slope sensor complete the P-32 system that will give you high quality results in any 2D paving application.  With the new GC-35 control box, […]