Product Category: Millimeter GPS

PZS-MC Sensor

The PZS-MC sensor replaces the machine-mounted GPS antenna. The PZS-MC sensor combines the MC-A1 GPS antenna with laser sensor technology into a total package. LazerZoneTM technology allows the sensor to detect up to four different LZ-T5 laser transmitters for increased range. The sensor attaches to a GPS vibration pole on the machine blade, and cables connect the […]


The PZS-1 sensor instantly computes precise vertical information from the LZ-T5 laser transmitter. Using Lazer Zone technology, the PZS-1 automatically determines elevation based on jobsite control. Mounting the PZS-1 to a range pole and attaching a GPS+ receiver allows the sensor to receive the LZ-T5 laser signal and wirelessly transmit data to the receiver.


Enhance your GNSS positional accuracy with the latest in laser engineering. The LZ-T5 performs in a variety of working environments, including the most challenging job-site conditions. Ideal for any task, the LZ-T5 can function as a single Millimeter GPS solution for paving, grading and grade checking operations. Large working range up to 8000ft horizontal and 132ft […]