Product Category: Excavator

Trencher 3D

Topcon’s 3D Trencher designed for digging trenches with the use of 3D technology. Eliminating the need to reference and check alignments by using GPS and TS-1 Tilt Sensors to control the blade the 3D Trencher makes digging trenches easy. Features & Benefits: Avoid trenching too deep More accurate alignment of excavation Fast and easy to […]

3D X53i

Unlike laser excavator systems, X-53i enables the operator to “see” his machine’s exact position in relation to the site, enabling precise positioning over utility centerlines. In real time the operator can also see the position of the teeth of the bucket compared to the finish design which is very helpful in deep cuts, blind excavations […]


Topcon’s X-33 system consists of two GPS antennas, four TS-i3 tilt sensors, the MC-i3 GPS receiver and Topcon’s GX-30 color, touch screen control box. The GX-30 allows the operator to “see” the exact position of the machine on site and the bucket position at all times. When detailed information is required you can select to […]