Local Positioning System (LPS)

GPS+ and MMGPS+ systems work extremely well when machines are capable of receiving GPS satellite signals, but what happens when the jobsite does not have visibility to open sky? Working between buildings or in heavy tree coverage can limit the performance of a 3D-GPS control machine. In these situations Topcon’s LPS (Local Positioning System) is the ideal system for guiding your machines.

Features & Benefits

  • 20Hz update rate
  • Advanced PowerTrac Technology
  • Insures all your jobsites have 3D control 24/7 High accuracy for tight tolerance projects Simple & fast conversion between LPS and GPS communications
  • GX-60 control box runs LPS, GPS and all 3D controls
  • Visual graphic on display for acquiring lost beam
  • Same robot used with Pocket 3D as layout/grade checking tool